A petty god

From “Facebook Faith #5” at Hackman’s Musings:

Within hours of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary, talking heads were on TV and the faithful were on Facebook declaring that we should expect nothing else – because we have kicked God out of our schools.

It seems god is impotent.  Like a vampire, he cannot enter a residence unless he has been invited.

The post includes a picture of a T-shirt that reads:

Dear God,

Why do you allow so much violence in our schools?

a concerned student

Followed by this reply:

Dear Concerned Student,

I’m not allowed in schools.


Theirs is indeed a curious deity: a god who would have prevented the slaughter of innocent children, but for the fact that he was not being prayed to from within the confines of their school building.

If they believe that God is like that, that a god like that is worthy of their faith, can they possibly escape having profoundly warped values? I can’t imagine how.

(h/t slacktivist)

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